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Welcome to Nettles Country, today’s example of a genteel western lifestyle. Spend a morning, spend a night; get up close to horses, pet the miniatures, see the Australian Cattle dogs bred and raised on the ranch, shop Masterpieces – and if you’re there at lunch time, owners Ronnie and Gala Nettles just may invite you to join them for a country lunch on the square of Madisonville.

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“I promised to let Mr Nettles know how I did competing with my Nettles 2″ Halfbreed with the Leveler he helped me pick out during the 2014-15 ACTHA Show Season. I am now the National Pleasure Division Champion with a huge Thanks to the best stirrups I’ve ever used. You can see me riding them in Horse & Rider Magazine, Cavallo’s ads, show promos and this month at the EXCA World Finals. I don’t ride without them and am now trying to decide which pair I want to gift myself for Christmas!!”

Susan Wingo

“Gala, those are beautiful. By the way, been riding my leveler stirrups a few months now on my cutter, won’t use anything else from now on.”

Sharon Overstreet

I bought a pair of your remedial stirrups a few months ago, and ever since using them I have had absolutely no knee pain. Believe me, that’s saying a lot! Before, I could barely ride a half hour without my surgical knee hurting like crazy. To be able to ride as long as I like, without pain, is, indeed, a blessing.