• Wood, being a natural product, is more comfortable to the foot. Think about the difference between standing on a wood floor and standing on a concrete one.

• Six pieces of oak laying on top of one another cushions and softens the pounding on a rider’s hips, knees, and feet.

• Lamination eliminates stirrup warping, a natural by-product of a rider’s weight pushing down in the stirrup time and again. Warped stirrups throw off the rider’s alignment and causes the knees to hurt.

• Being built from a natural product, Nettles Stirrups flow easily with the movement of the foot.

• Nettles Stirrups are all about flexibility. They can be as light as a rider desires, or with added weights under the tread, they can be as heavy as the rider wants.

• A slight rise and a steeper bend at the tread area of the Flatbottom Stirrup makes it more comfortable for the foot and reduces the risk of losing the stirrup.

• A variety of unique building designs that focus on minute details make these the most comfortable stirrups on the market.

• One of the best features of all in the Nettles Stirrup is the use of only the highest quality materials on the market – from wood to leather to steel. Add exceptional craftsmanship and you’ve got a stirrup you can trust.