Nettles Premium Quality

The red oak used in Nettles Stirrups is of the highest quality oak available, yet it still must pass two grading processes before it qualifies to become a part of Nettles Stirrups. Wood, being a natural product, is more comfortable to the foot. Think about the difference between standing on a wood floor and standing on a concrete one.

Rather than one piece of wood, six pieces construct the premier stirrup, eliminating stress and cracks in the bend. Six pieces of oak laying on top of one another cushions and softens the pounding on a rider’s hips, knees, and feet.

Neither will a Nettles Stirrup warp with time, as numerous other stirrups will. Lamination eliminates stirrup warping, a natural by-product of a rider’s weight pushing down in the stirrup time and again. Warped stirrups throw off the rider’s alignment and causes the knees to hurt.

Rather than use leather bellies for its stirrup treads, Nettles Stirrups uses the best leather to enhance a longer tread life.

Eight neatly aligned lacings attach the treads to the Nettles Premier Stirrups. In addition, skived treads create a neater, closer fit. An innovative lacing machine was designed by Nettles to insure that the treads hold snugly in place.

Being built from a natural product, Nettles Stirrups flow easily with the movement of the foot.

The Nettles Stirrups have double steel rollers for extra strength.

The Nettles Stirrups rollers have a smaller throat diameter, which helps to eliminate shin pressure.

A unique stirrup bottom structure, unparalleled in any other product, helps set the riders foot and aids with balance in the saddle. A slight rise and a steeper bend at the tread area of the Flatbottom Stirrup makes it more comfortable for the foot and reduces the risk of losing the stirrup.

Nettles Stirrups are all about flexibility. They can be as light as a rider desires, or with added weights under the tread, they can be as heavy as the rider wants.

A variety of unique building designs that focus on minute details make these the most comfortable stirrups on the market.

Brass nuts and washers accent Nettles stirrups, adding to its classic look.

One of the best features of all in the Nettles Stirrup is the use of only the highest quality materials on the market – from wood to leather to steel. Add exceptional craftsmanship and you’ve got a stirrup you can trust.

High quality craftsmanship from the design to the finished stirrup:  That’s what Nettles Stirrups are all about and the Nettles Trademark guarantees it.