Why Nettles Stirrups Work . . .

The Process

  • It begins with quality logs to guarantee clean wood is used in the construction of Nettles Stirrups.

  • The logs are cut into laminates and then glued together.

  • This layering process provides strength, cushions the pounding on a rider’s hips, knees, and feet, eliminate stress cracks and stirrup warping.

  • Six laminates construct the Premier and Signature Lines while five laminates construct The Chisholms and four laminates construct The Blanks.

  • Stirrups pass five gradings during the building process.

  • Construction includes a steeper bend in the stirrup which increases comfort and reduces the risk of losing the stirrup.

  • A uniquely structured stirrup tread sets the rider’s foot and aids with balance.

  • Built with innovative machinery designed by Ronnie Nettles.

The Leather

  • The highest quality leather available is used, enhancing a longer tread life.

  • A Nettles-designed lacing machine snugly attaches treads with eight lacings in the Premier and Signature Line and five lacings in The Chisholms line.

  • Skived treads create a closer fit and neater appearance.

The Metal

  • Double steel rollers provide extra strength.

  • A smaller throat diameter helps eliminate shin pressure.

  • Brass and chrome nuts accent Nettles Stirrups.

High quality craftsmanship from the design to the finished stirrup:
That’s what Nettles Stirrups are all about and the Nettles Trademark guarantees it.