Nettles Stirrups are all about Safety

Since Nettles Stirrups are built from six pieces of red oak, they are stronger and hence, safer. While the stirrup will break under extreme duress, Nettles Stirrups are built double-tough to help you withstand the ravages of some of the rowdiest wrecks!

The cracking problem of other wooden stirrups is eliminated in Nettles Stirrups because the lamination removes such stress. While other wooden stirrups need a metal binding to hold them together, Nettles Stirrup proudly stands on its on strength.

You won’t find a plastic roller on a Nettles Stirrup. Instead, you’ll find a double steel roller which not only adds strength to the stirrup throat but keeps the same shape throughout the stirrup’s lifetime. With the continued gravitational pull as the rider mounts the saddle time and again, the plastic will soon bow and throw the rider’s foot out of balance.

The Nettles Oxbow Stirrup has a slightly wider width in its middle. This addition allows for greater ease in a rapid exit should an unexpected one be called for!

Add the numerous small details that only a trainer would know – and want for his own safety – and you can rest assured Nettles Stirrups are built with protection in mind!

Its all about Strength

This Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Diesel is perched on top of a Nettles 3 inch Flatbottom stirrup. The plyboard under the stirrup cracked, but the stirrup remained solid as she comes, as you can see from the pictures.

What Does This Mean To You?

Added Security! Should a horse fall with you, unlike  aluminum or wooden stirrups wrapped with metal which might catch your foot in a squeeze, Nettles Stirrups will most likely withstand the pressure. And if they don’t, a broken stirrup is easier to repair than a damaged leg or foot!