Ronnie & Gala Nettles

Nettles Stirrups was born from the talents of Hall of Fame Cutting Horse trainer Ronnie Nettles. Located halfway between Houston and Dallas, the ranch is a unique experience teaming with all kinds of things to do.

The hub of the Nettles Ranch is Ronnie’s training operation where visitors can straddle the fence and watch Ronnie train horses, see the dogs work, and maybe even watch a rider taking a riding lesson. Heck, you might even want to take a cutting horse lesson or buy a horse!

Watch how Nettles Stirrups are built and browse “Nettles Country Store,” our upscale western store full of high quality tack, home decor, and of course the famous Nettles Stirrups and Gala’s books. Nettles Country Store is also home to exceptional western pieces, many made right here on the ranch. Visit the store website at

The Nettles are deeply immersed in the equine industry. Gala has written articles, columns and books for the industry for over 30 years while Ronnie, a Hall of Fame cutting horse trainer, has trained horses and given cutting lessons for decades. Thirty-eight years ago, he designed the Nettles laminated oak stirrup and that’s when Nettles Stirrups was born.