Black on the side of your boot? Nettles Stirrups won’t rub the side of your foot and leave tale-tell signs.

Stirrups hurt the sides of your feet? Nettles Stirrups has an innovative design specifically formulated to eliminate side foot pressure.

Foot fatigue and foot ache? The use of lamination and Nettles Stirrups’ unique building process helps eliminate foot fatigue and foot ache.

Pain on your shins? Those same quality products, along with the right size stirrup for the foot and coupled with superb craftsmanship eliminates the discomfort often caused by a stirrup’s throat pressure against your shins.

Don’t feel like you are sitting firmly in the saddle? That Nettles unique structure, which can only be developed by a trainer who sits in the saddle day after day helps the rider sit firmly in the saddle and maintain balance. That’s not something a Chinese worker can copy!

Want more foundation under your foot? Nettles Stirrups offers four different widths in its premier line.

Stirrup too tight or too large? Nettles Stirrups offers a multitude of sizes to address every rider’s desire. A quality fit helps to insure that a rider will not get his foot hung in the stirrup.

Need a custom design? If we don’t have it, we can make it. Nettles Stirrups will custom-make stirrups to help you address your specific riding needs.